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Information on the Whale Watching Byron Bay tour that shows visitors the migrating humpback whales and playful dolphins.


Whale Watching Byron Bay Tour
Whale Watching Byron Bay are whale watching tour operators taking visitors out to watch the migrating humpback whales that pass through Australia's most eastern point.

From June through to November humpbacks head north and pass through Cape Byron annually. The whales are often seen from the shore, so the boat trip out to view the migrating humpbacks is often just minutes away.

Along with the whale watching opportunities, are also Bottle Nose and Common dolphin watching. The playful dolphins are often seen jumping along side the boat. Sea turtles and numerous sea birds may also be seen from the whale watching tour.

Contact Whale Watching Byron Bay
Whale Watching Byron Bay
9 Marvel Street,
Byron Bay, NSW 2481, AUSTRALIA
Freecall: 1800 243 483 (within Australia)
Phone: +61 2 66 858 333

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